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About TRVR

I’ve been recording and playing live in the Pittsburgh music scene for over 10 years, and in that time I have come to recognize what sets apart gear that is inspiring to play.  I love the tonal warmth, simplicity, and immediacy of vintage tubes amps and incorporate these aspects into my own designs.

I started TRVR Handwired Electronics because I am passionate about quality workmanship in all of the gear that I play. I can guarantee your amp or pedal with utmost confidence because I have personally designed your circuit layout, wired and soldered your components by hand, and tested the final product by playing it. I source my parts from manufacturers who care as deeply about quality and longevity as I do; many of these companies are small, family-owned businesses like mine.

After spending hours at the bench repairing thousands of amps, I am convinced that modern “big-name” manufacturers are more interested in the bottom line than producing products that will stand up to the rigors of time and use. My respect for the quality craftsmanship of vintage amps and effects continues to grow and has considerable influence over my designs. I’m excited to apply my knowledge of vintage amp designs to my signature line, and to work with you personally to build a custom amp or pedal to your exact specifications.

Trevor as Bane